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Apache Solr Training

Strengthen your skills to learn and master Solr faster with our on-site and online courses


Our Solr training classes have a 4.48/5 rating based on 40 reviews

Your Apache Solr instructor is active Solr engineer and consultant with years of experience helping enterprise, medium and small organizations. Rafal has worked with clients from 15+ industries and he is the author of Solr Cookbook series with ready to use recipes providing solutions to common problems when working with Solr. Here are some problems Rafal Kuć solved for Sematext clients recently:

  • Designed and deployed Master-Slave and SolrCloud based architectures from small businesses to large scale enterprises use-cases.
  • Improved search relevancy to provide on-point results in various business use cases from e-commerce to health industries.
  • Optimized clusters handling thousands of queries per second.
  • Helped clients reduce operational costs by optimizing the amount of hardware needed as a result of SolrCloud tuning.
  • Diagnosed and suggested solutions for various JVM related issues – from garbage collector problems to heap usage reduction without costs increase.

A word from Rafal Kuć

“I’ve discovered that attendees tend not to be shy and interaction is great. It turns out such diversity exposes attendees to a wider variety of real-world Solr use-cases and increases the value they get from our Solr classes.”

Rafal Kuć  Sematext Solr Training Instructor

Why attend?

  • Small, interactive, instructor-led classes
  • Step by step learning with interactive, hands-on exercises
  • Covering basics and advanced Solr concepts
  • Customized learning experience
  • More flexible – no need to travel
  • Get our Solr certification – Certificate of Completion included

Upcoming Classes

Pick from the Solr Online Course matching your exact needs. Delivery method: Live Online. Time: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM ET (2 sessions).

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June 7-8, 2021Core Solr$800 / personSee Course Outline Register Now
June 9-10, 2021Intermediate Solr$800 / personSee Course Outline Register Now
June 14-15, 2021Advanced Solr$800 / personSee Course Outline Register Now

What attendees say

Thank you for a very informative training, such a wealth of information that I truly enjoyed learning about.

Vickie Jean Charles Sr. System Engineer – Xactly Corporation

If you are serious about getting Solr right, this is the course for you. Simply put, it’s the best Solr instruction for those who want to master this domain and use Solr in the real world

Architect at Large Cloud Company

8-hour Solr training. Join online classes.

Core Solr

In this training course, you will be able to configure and deploy Solr, run a wide range of queries including queries with facets and aggregations, and index documents with Solr.

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Intermediate Solr

After taking this course you will understand the differences and use-cases for Solr and SolrCloud, create Spatial Search and Function Queries, perform Document Grouping, configure and tune Query Spellchecking and Suggesters.

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Advanced Solr

In this course you will learn about query routing, results re-ranking, term vectors, schema API, custom similarity, merge policy, codecs, language identification, data import handler, advanced Solr and SolrCloud tuning and scaling, shard splitting, data migrations, handling a large number of collections, authentication, Solr and HDFS, and so on.

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