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Sematext Synthetics

Monitor availability and performance of your website and APIs

  • Simulate business-critical user journeys.
  • Get alerted when checks fail.
  • Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.
Synthetic Monitoring
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Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor availability of your APIs and website from multiple locations

  • Measure your web performance across devices, connection speeds, and more!
  • Script the user journey using open-source Puppeteer framework
  • Add assertions to the user journey and get notified when they fail

of users won’t return after a negative experience with your website or webapp.

Let’s face it – performance issues are inevitable for software-based businesses.
Sematext Synthetics allows you to simulate user interactions and get ahead of performance issues before they impact your users and your bottom line.

Identify business-critical web performance metrics

  • Track user-centric web performance metrics and resource metrics
  • Identify top resources with the biggest negative impact on your website performance
  • Monitor & identify issues with third-party resources
  • Waterfall chart to visualize individual resource timings and identify resources that impact page load time
Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor what’s behind the firewall

Monitor APIs & websites behind the firewall using private agent deployed in your network

Synthetic Monitoring

Proactive real-time alerting

  • Get notified via multiple channels when monitors fail
  • Use advanced scheduler to define custom notification windows
  • Pause alerting during maintenance with a single click
  • Get alerted before SSL certificates expire

Inspire trust among your users and customers

  • Create public status page showing the availability of your selected web services and share it with your customers
  • Embed status pages in your website

Built for today’s modern-monitoring needs

  • Hybrid environments, cloud, and on-premise support
  • Customer support by phone, email or live chat

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