Mobile App Log Shipping Tools

Use the following two libraries for shipping logs from mobile applications and devices running Android and iOS or WatchOS to Sematext Logs.

Both libraries have the following in common:

  • automatic and manual geolocation tagging
  • ship logs in configurable bulk requests to minimize battery and network usage
  • buffer logs while the device is disconnected from the network to avoid data loss
  • additional parameters to control when logs should or should not be shipped
  • pause and resume log shipping on demand
  • metadata with application name and version, OS name and version, and application UUID
  • ability to catch and ship uncaught exceptions

Use the Mobile Application Logs Integration to get out-of-the-box reports with the most important information about your mobile applications.

Get an overview of your mobile apps with information like:

  • top iOS or WatchOS and Android versions
  • top log severities and version names

Mobile Logs Overview

Explore the common errors associated with your mobile applications and see an aggregated error view including:

  • number of errors and theirs count over time
  • top operating systems, top iOS or WatchOS and Android versions that are reporting errors
  • error log events

Mobile Logs Errors

Get insights from dedicated Android and iOS or WatchOS reports that include:

  • mobile operating system logs count histogram and their count
  • top severities, versions, version codes, and version names
  • mobile applications log events

Mobile Logs Android

Both libraries for shipping mobile application logs are open-source and available on Github: