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Container Monitoring

Scalable and native container monitoring tools. Overcome challenges and get in-depth visibility into the health and performance of your entire distributed infrastructure.

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Native & Lightweight Container Monitoring Agent

Sematext Agent runs as a lightweight container and collects all host and container metrics.

  • Runs as DaemonSet on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm service, with Rancher, Nomad, Portainer, Mesos or DC/OS, as well as a simple “docker run…” command
  • Collect host and container metrics, logs, and events
  • Get monitoring dashboards out of the box with host and container CPU, memory, swap, memory failed counters, network errors, disk IO, network traffic, and much more
  • Get container monitoring & alerting with pre-built dashboards and alert rules

In-Container Service Auto-Discovery

Sematext automatically identifies and monitors containers to continuously track your dynamic environment.

  • Applications running in containers are discovered automatically
  • Container monitoring agents start automatically upon application discovery
  • Configurable agent templates for custom settings

Faster Troubleshooting with Real-Time Container Data

Whether you’re deploying containers manually or through an orchestration tool, you can use Sematext’s container monitoring solutions to have a real-time overview: servers’ compute to hot containers and top processes.

  • Use the Top Containers view to see which containers are hot
  • Use the Processes or Servers views to zoom in or out of the overview
  • Get real-time metrics from Kubernetes: number of replicas, pod restarts, etc.

Unified Solution for Your Containerized Environment

Sematext allows you to correlate and monitor container metrics, logs, and traces from across your distributed systems in a single monitoring dashboard.

  • Automatically collect logs and label them by container labels, like name or image
  • Configurable, built-in log parsing ensures logs are nicely structured, easily searchable for troubleshooting, but also ready for analytical queries, charts, and dashboards for your CTO and business
  • Add metrics and logs to the same dashboard and filter them using the same criteria
  • Set up alerts on both metrics and logs

Supported Technologies

Docker Container Monitoring

From Docker Desktop to Docker Swarm, you can use Sematext to monitor container performance and availability.

  • Easily set up Sematext container monitoring agent via docker run or docker compose
  • Get host, container, and service metrics via service autodiscovery
  • Centralize all the logs that you’d normally get via docker logs out of the box

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Kubernetes Monitoring

Sematext’s container monitoring solution allows you to explore both metrics and logs from your Kubernetes clusters. Get out-of-the-box dashboards to check on your pods, nodes, deployments, storage, and more.

  • Install as Helm chart or create a sematext-agent.yml file with the DaemonSet definition and your Sematext Cloud app tokens. Start monitoring Kubernetes metrics, logs, and events with a simple kubectl create -f sematext-agent.yml
  • Get logs parsed, structured, and tagged with namespace, pod, container, image name, and UID
  • Filter metrics and logs by host, container, image, pod, or labels

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Rancher Monitoring

Rancher makes Kubernetes easier, but also deploying Sematext Agent easier – through the Rancher Catalog. Once metrics and logs get in, you can explore them through the same dashboards you’d use for vanilla Kubernetes.

  • Create a sematext-agent.yml DaemonSet definition with your Sematext Cloud app tokens and start with kubectl create -f sematext-agent.yml.
  • Visual configuration via Rancher Catalog template, just search for “Sematext” to find us
  • Use the predefined Kubernetes dashboards to explore both metrics and logs

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Docker Swarm Monitoring

Monitoring Docker containers is even easier in Swarm mode: Sematext Agent will run as a service. Once set up, you get all your container metrics and logs under the same roof.

  • Automatic agent deployment to all Swarm nodes with a single command
  • Enrichment of logs with Swarm metadata like service name, service id, service instance, etc.
  • Automatically centralize logs and metrics from new Docker Engines

Sematext: Your all-in-one Monitoring Solution

Real User Monitoring, Transaction Tracing, Infrastructure Monitoring, Synthetics, Log Management: Finally together in one innovative solution.

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Container Monitoring Resources

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