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IT Asset Inventory Management

Robust IT inventory software that helps measure and improve your asset management operations.

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Inventory Monitoring

IT Asset Inventory Tracking

Effectively keep your server hardware and software inventory throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • See which packages are installed where
  • Track and search packages on every host or container
  • Find outdated or vulnerable packages and hosts they are on in seconds
  • Support for RPM, DEB, NPM, and PIP packages

Identify IT Asset and Inventory Vulnerabilities

Unify package inventory used across all servers and ensure consistent asset versions with reliable IT inventory management system.

  • Ensure a package or system update was applied successfully across all your hosts
  • Find package version discrepancies across your hosts
  • Compare system properties of multiple hosts
  • Assess threat risks
  • Quickly identify hosts that require an update to fix a security vulnerability

Track IT Inventory Changes

Capture changes to packages installed on any Linux server running Sematext Agent.

  • Audit when and where packages were installed or removed via inventory events
  • Find related events and packages across the whole infrastructure

Server Inventory Management

Avoid running servers with outdated packages, kernels, etc. Manage consistency in Linux distributions across the whole IT infrastructure.

  • See the complete list of all your servers, filterable by one or more tags
  • View aggregate infrastructure capacity
  • Get each server’s details: kernel, operating system, CPU and memory details, packages, etc.
Inventory Monitoring

Full Stack Monitoring: Get Actionable Insights Faster

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