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IT Inventory Management & Monitoring

Real-time, filterable, searchable view into each host’s packages, configuration, and more

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Inventory Monitoring

IT Asset Tracking

  • Keep track of your hardware and software inventory
  • See which packages are installed where
  • Track and search packages on every host or container
  • Find outdated or vulnerable packages and hosts they are on in seconds
  • Support for RPM, DEB, NPM, and PIP packages

Identify Asset Vulnerabilities

  • Ensure a package or system update was applied successfully across all your hosts
  • Find package version discrepancies across your hosts
  • Compare system properties of multiple hosts
  • Assess threat risks
  • Quickly identify hosts that require an update to fix a security vulnerability

Track Inventory Changes

  • Audit when and where packages were installed or removed via inventory events
  • Find related events and packages across the whole infrastructure

Server Inventory Management

  • See the complete list of all your servers, filterable by one or more tags
  • View aggregate infrastructure capacity
  • Get each server’s details: kernel, operating system, CPU and memory details, packages, etc.
Inventory Monitoring

Full Stack Monitoring: Get Actionable Insights Faster

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