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Improve your Search Skills

Join our Solr Training, Elasticsearch Training or OpenSearch Training courses to learn best practices. Your Solr, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch instructors are active Elasticsearch engineers and consultant with years of experience helping enterprise, medium and small organizations. They worked with clients from 50+ different industries and they are the authors of Elasticsearch in Action and Solr Cookbook. Here are some problems they solved for Sematext clients recently:

  • Improved search relevancy to provide on-point results in various business use cases from e-commerce to health industries
  • Optimized multiple petabyte-scale clusters. Some up to 400 nodes
  • Helped in the reduction of the operational costs by reducing the amount of hardware needed
  • Optimized log ingestion pipelines to parse and enrich 100K+ events/second

Sematext is known worldwide for Solr, Elasticsearch, and ELK stack expertise, providing Solr and Elasticsearch support.

Our 2-hour and 8-hour classes are delivered either remotely or on-site. Instructor-led and highly hands-on, our classes are chalk-full of hard-earned tips and tricks that will save you time, elevate your level of competency, and help you learn Solr or Elastic Stack faster.

Why attend?

  • Small, interactive, instructor-led classes
  • Lots of hands-on exercises
  • Customized learning experience
  • More flexible - no need to travel
  • Certificate of Completion included

What attendees say

Sematext was an ideal training partner for We had just recently adopted Elasticsearch on a new project, and they gave us two days of solid training that was tailored to our team’s needs. The material was built atop strong foundations and moved quickly into advanced areas around querying, Lucene internals, and cluster performance. It was clear that it was all informed by real-world experience operating these systems at scale.

Andrew Montalenti Andrew Montalenti
CTO/Founder –

I had to leave before the last class ended unfortunately. But had I been there I would have given you a mini-speech to tell you how awesome you were! ☺️

Thank you so much for being such a fantastic, patient, and effective instructor throughout this 4-day training. Personally, I appreciated the clarity and expertise in the material and the class.
I also thought the class was meticulously structured over the 4 days, each day not feeling too long, and with the right number of breaks – this made me feel like I had the capacity to learn the things planned for the day without feeling too overwhelmed. Having the course material is great for the team to revisit later.

Overall, we really felt like we learned a lot. To put it in perspective, <name redacted for privacy> (who worked with <name redacted> and <name redacted>) already applied some of the lessons from the training in one of our customer throughput issues today. A big progress for the team. And, I am sure we will continue to apply in the future too – I just want you to know that you have clearly influenced us ☺️

Engineering Manager, Search-Infra at Twitter

For a non-native English speaker student, this course was a crystal clear explanation of Solr and all the sweetest juice you can extract from your text searches. Even if you think you know enough Solr, I wholeheartedly recommend this course for you.

Nestor Arturo Fernandez Ricaurte
Senior Developer – Legis

Thank you for a very informative training, such a wealth of information that I truly enjoyed learning about.

Vickie Jean Charles
Sr. System Engineer – Xactly Corporation

If you are serious about getting Solr right, this is the course for you. Simply put, it’s the best Solr instruction for those who want to master this domain and use Solr in the real world

Architect at Large Cloud Company

Not your typical by-the-book training. Radu was engaging and was a great guide in our journey through Elasticsearch.

Chris Hirsch Chris Hirsch
Staff Engineer – Wayfair

The Intermediate and Advanced Solr Training went very well. A few of the things I liked:

— The intermediate and advanced command files included in the training material were very helpful. I’m still referring to them after taking the class as I look more in-depth into the various features.
— The provided example data and scripts to load the data into Solr are another big time saver. Also, this gives me something to refer to as I review the training notes.
— The hands-on exercise/labs

The training covered several Solr features e.g., streaming aggregation, JSON API, etc. that we haven’t really used yet, but may be very useful to us in the future.

David Powell
Software Engineer - Large-Scale NGO in the Educational Sector

Upcoming Classes

Pick from a wide range of Solr and Elasticsearch online training focused classes to match your exact needs.

elasticsearch Intro to Elasticsearch
March 4-5, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
elasticsearch Elasticsearch Ops
March 7-8, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
elasticsearch Elasticsearch for Product Searches
March 11-12, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
solr Core Solr
April 15-16, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
solr Solr for Developers
April 17-18, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
solr Solr Operations
April 22-23, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
opensearch Introduction to OpenSearch
May 27-28, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
opensearch OpenSearch Operations
May 29-30, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!
opensearch OpenSearch for Product Searches
June 3-4, 2024
$800/personSee Course OutlineRegister Now!

Solr Training

Our 8-hour Solr classes cover from learning how to configure and deploy Solr, running a wide range of queries, and indexing documents with Solr to understanding the differences and use-cases for Solr and SolrCloud and learning about query routing, results re-ranking and more.

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Elasticsearch Training

Our 2-hour and 8-hour Elasticsearch classes cover from understanding all core Elasticsearch concepts and being able to index data into Elasticsearch to learning everything you need to handle your Elasticsearch clusters in production. Interested in Elasticsearch for Logging? We cover that too.

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OpenSearch Training

Our hands-on OpenSearch classes cover all the fundamentals, from CRUD operations to analysis as well as advanced concepts: whether it's tweaking your data layout and relevance for E-commerce applications or it's tuning your cluster for handling petabytes.

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