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Consulting for OpenSearch Products

We've helped hundreds of companies architect, scale, tune, and successfully deploy Elasticsearch and OpenSearch-based solutions.

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OpenSearch Consulting

  • Sematext offers services around open-source search. Our expertise is OpenSearch, Solr and Elasticsearch Production and Development Support (aka Consulting), as well as training.
  • We help save time: within days or weeks, we've solved many problems that clients were struggling with for months.
  • We help save resources: we've optimized clusters to deliver 10x the indexing throughput or 10x faster queries for the same infrastructure cost - sometimes much less.
  • We troubleshoot and prevent errors: we helped turn many problematic clusters to be largely unattended - easy to scale and upgrade.

Professional Services

  • Design and architect OpenSearch clusters for all use-cases: logs, enterprise search, e-commerce, etc.
  • Optimize index layout, lifecycle and OpenSearch-specific settings for better performance, scale and stability.
  • Tune JVM & OS settings as well as hardware choice for more cost-efficient clusters.
  • Improve search relevance: from analysis, query choice and boosts to Entity Extraction, Query Expansion, Learning to Rank, etc.
  • Optimize pipelines outside OpenSearch, from log shippers to search services.
  • Code reviews, mentoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Migrate from commercial tools, Elasticsearch or Solr to OpenSearch.
  • Evaluate open-source and commercial search solutions.

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