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API Monitoring

Ensure the performance, health, and availability of your APIs and web services with reliable and intuitive API monitoring tools.

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API Monitoring

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API Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know when your web services or APIs are down. Sematext ensures global visibility 24/7 API monitoring and detects performance issues in real time before they can cause outages.

  • Monitor and check the response of your APIs from different locations around the world
  • Monitor your protected APIs with authentication support
  • Get an advanced breakdown of each API metric
  • Track Core Web Vitals
  • Monitor service level agreements (SLA)

Web Services and API Performance Monitoring

Sematext monitors APIs regardless if they are your own or run by third parties to make sure you or your user aren’t experiencing any performance issues.

  • Monitor and track API performance and availability
  • Use waterfall charts to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Collect custom API metrics
  • Extract data from APIs, visualize API metrics and create alert rules.
  • Monitor websites behind firewalls and on private networks with private locations

API Data Validation

Meet customer expectations by monitoring API calls Monitor API calls. Validate the structure and content to make sure they are returning the right data.

  • Check for invalid codes and response headers
  • Identify API time-outs
  • Monitor all your critical API endpoints
  • Sensitive data protection to monitor your password-protected pages and APIs securely

Real-Time API Alerting and Reporting

Stay on top of performance issues with instant notifications. Sematext’s web services and API monitoring services alert you when key API transactions fail and performance degrades.

  • Set up custom API monitoring dashboards and alerts
  • Get to the bottom of the issue using the incident reporting system
  • Get actionable insight via third party integrations like Slack, OpsGenie, Zapier, VictorOps, and more
  • Set priority level for your alerts, pass it to third party integrations.

Sematext: Your All-in-One Monitoring Solution

Monitor and correlate metrics with logs and events in real time. Troubleshoot performance issues faster, before they affect end user experience and your business.