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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Monitor application performance and user experience with powerful APM software. End-to-end monitoring to optimize customer satisfaction and business operations.

  • Real User Monitoring
  • Synthetic API and Website Monitoring
  • Distributed Transaction Tracing
  • Infrastructure Performance and Logs Monitoring

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Application Monitoring

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Distributed Transaction Tracing

Get full application performance visibility with Transaction Tracing by monitoring end-to-end request execution across multiple applications, tiers, servers, microservices, and processes.

  • Pinpoint root causes of poor application performance with deep-dive analysis
  • Find the slow and suboptimal parts of your application
  • Trace requests across networks and apps all the way down to databases
  • Expose slow SQL statements

Currently, only Java and Scala applications can be traced.

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Distributed Transaction Tracing

Real User Monitoring

Increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data from real user sessions. We detect anomalies and send you alerts in real time. Enhance your front-end application performance with Real User Monitoring insights.

  • Get a full resource waterfall view showing assets that are slowing down your pages including detailed load time analysis
  • Monitor page performance and resource usage of your single-page applications
  • Monitor your Apdex Score to identify application performance bottlenecks and ensure high user satisfaction
  • Be the first to know when your customers encounter website performance issues with automatic alerting
  • Retrace real user journeys and see where and why they encountered performance issues such as slow page loading or errors

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Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance of your web applications and APIs. Simulate business-critical user journeys. Get alerted when checks fail. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.

  • Monitor availability of your APIs and website from multiple locations
  • Identify business-critical web application performance metrics
  • Monitor & identify issues with third-party resources
  • Waterfall chart to visualize individual resource timings and identify resources that impact page load time
  • Monitor APIs & websites behind the firewall using private agent deployed in your network
  • Proactive real-time alerting
  • Create public status page showing the availability of your selected web services and share it with your customers

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Synthetic Monitoring

Database Operations & Slow SQL Monitoring

Sematext's application performance monitoring tool tracks database operations and slow SQL. You can detect and fix issues that affect application performance.

  • Find the slowest database operation types
  • View detailed performance metrics for each SQL statement
  • See end-to-end HTTP transaction context, through multiple tiers, including full call trace
  • Get top 10 database operations by throughput, latency, or time consumed
  • Filter database operations by type

Full-Stack Observability

Application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, real user monitoring, and synthetic monitoring in a single solution with the option to add log management functionality.

  • Combine the power of logs, metrics, traces, and real user data for faster troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot performance issues proactively and detect potential business impact and opportunities with real-time data
  • Go from metric spikes to your apps' and servers' logs in seconds
  • See any application performance metrics and logs in a single unified view
  • Find similar metric patterns with built-in metric correlation