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Fleet and Discovery

See all your hosts known to Sematext. Introspect any instance of Sematext Agent running in your infrastructure. View all services and logs discovered by Sematext Agent.

Two of the primary components of your infrastructure monitoring and log management are Fleet and Discovery. They give you the ability to keep an eye on your infrastructure's performance, configuration changes, and overall health.


Fleet: Clear Overview of Your Infrastructure

Fleet acts as the central command center, offering a straightforward view of all your hosts known to Sematext. This enables you to quickly assess and manage the health, performance, and configurations of your entire infrastructure. Find and diagnose any misconfigured agents. Explore and set up monitoring for discovered services.

  • View all hosts with installed Sematext Agents, offering an easy to digest snapshot of your entire infrastructure
  • Dive into detailed host diagnostics, metrics, logs, events, pods, containers, and processes for better understanding of your system's performance and health
  • Locate and troubleshoot any unhealthy or misconfigured agent instances to ensure all your infrastructure and services are properly monitored
  • Explore, configure, or troubleshoot the monitoring of services discovered on each host

Discovery: Automated Service and Logs Identification, Monitoring, and Correlation

Discovery offers a centralized view of services and log sources discovered by Sematext Agent to improve your understanding of your system. Automate service monitoring and log shipping via Discovery. Enable correlation between discovered services and log sources to make troubleshooting simpler and faster.

  • View all discovered services running in your hosts, pods, or containers
  • Easily adapt to changes in your environment, especially in dynamic setups and containerized environments, by automatically discovering new service instances
  • Configure Sematext to automatically start monitoring of known services without the need to install or configure any additional plugins or agents
  • Connect discovered services with relevant logs using Connected Apps to enable correlation between services and logs for faster root cause analysis

Service Discovery: Hassle-Free Monitoring Without Configuration

Simplify your monitoring with Service Discovery powered by the Sematext Agent. Automatic service discovery and identification enables monitoring without the need for additional configuration.

  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of services eliminates the need for manual service monitoring agent deployment
  • Simple wizard enables automatic monitoring of metrics and logs from each service
  • View service metrics in a set of well thought-out, out-of-the-box dashboards along with a set of sensible default alert rules
  • Easily correlate Monitoring and Logs Apps for more efficient troubleshooting

Logs Discovery: Simple Automated Log Management

Sematext discovers logs in local file systems, pods, containers, logs written to stdout, and journald. Configuring log shipping through the UI requires no log shipper installation, configuration, or manual deployment.

  • Logs Discovery automatically discovers logs and identifies their type
  • Set up log shipping through the Discovery screen, eliminating the need for manual setup
  • Logs with known formats are automatically parsed, structured, and presented in a set of well thought-out, out-of-the-box dashboards along with a set of sensible default alert rules
  • Use include and exclude glob patterns to provide fine-grained control over which logs are shipped to Sematext