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Announcing Hadoop Monitoring in SPM

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Take it from one of the must trusted names from the world of Hadoop and HBase, as well as one of the friendliest people you’ll encounter on the Hadoop conference circuit, Lars George from Cloudera:

Hadoop Club Monitoring

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of SPM for Hadoop (see Sneak Peek: Hadoop Monitoring comes to SPM for some screenshots).  With the latest SPM release Hadoop joins Apache Solr, Apache HBase, ElasticSearch, Sensei, and the JVM as the list of technologies you can monitor with SPM. With  SPM for Hadoop you go from zero to seeing all key metrics for your Hadoop cluster metrics in just a few minutes.  Included in the reports are metrics for both HDFS and MapReduce – metrics for NameNode, JobTracker, TaskTracker, and DataNode are all included along with all the default server metrics.  The YARN version of Hadoop is also supported and includes metrics for NodeManager, ResourceManager, etc.

Don’t forget that SPM monitoring agent can run as in-process agent, as well as in standalone mode (i.e., as an external process).  Running in the standalone mode means you may not have to restart various daemons of your existing Hadoop cluster that you want to monitor (assuming you already enabled JMX), so you can quickly get to your Hadoop metrics without interrupting anything!

What else would you like us to monitor?  Please select your candidates!