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Elasticsearch for logs and metrics: A deep dive – Velocity 2016, O’REILLY CONFERENCES

We are known worldwide for our Elasticsearch, ELK stack and Solr consulting services, and we are always happy to help others improve their skills in these technologies, not only through Solr & Elastic Stack trainings, but also by sharing our knowledge in meetups and conferences. This week, on 7-9 November 2016, we joined O’REILLY Velocity 2016 conference, discussing the latest tech in Elasticsearch.

elasticsearch velocity 2016 sematext

Our colleagues Radu Gheorghe and Rafał Kuć were present in Amsterdam and gave a talk about: Elasticsearch for logs and metrics: A deep dive. And it was a great experience! They met with web operations and DevOps professionals interested in improving their Elastic Stack skills.

Lots of comments and questions were answered!

Curious to check their presentation? You may find it below.

2 thoughts on “Elasticsearch for logs and metrics: A deep dive – Velocity 2016, O’REILLY CONFERENCES

    1. Hello. This is a very good comment, let me respond to that.

      Yes, it is going to be deprecated as they are saying that the performance differences is very slight, i.e. 3% when it comes to nobarrier. During the talk we were mentioning all the single pieces that can be tuned though. Usually people do not think about the operating system tuning at all, that’s why we wanted to include those properties. In some environment 3% is a lot. It is sometimes a difference between being able to handle the indexing spike or not.

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