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Introducing Sematext Cloud

While some are hallucinating about building walls, we at Sematext are looking to knock them down. One of the Sematext differentiators is that it’s not just a monitoring solution or just log management solution.  Sematext provides monitoring AND log management solution in one.

The way we see it, separating logs and metrics in two separate silos is like separating twins at birth – pure evil!

Today we are happy to announce the general availability of Sematext Cloud, a new solution focused on supporting the needs of modern DevOps teams. Sematext Cloud uniquely brings together real-time performance monitoring, log management, alerts, and events to provide you unprecedented visibility of your dynamic infrastructure.

When an issue arises, you’re able to, in seconds, go from alert notification, through performance metrics, to logs, and find issue root cause more quickly and effortlessly than ever before.

Sematext Cloud makes DevOps lives simpler by bringing together Metrics, Logs, Events, Alerts, Anomalies, Dashboards under one roof.  Say good-bye to context switching!

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