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iOS SDK for Log Shipping & Analytics

Want to ship logs and other events from your iOS apps?  

We’ve open-sourced the iOS SDK for shipping logs from iOS apps to Sematext Cloud.  This library not only lets you send your iOS app logs for troubleshooting purposes, but it also lets you collect app usage for analytics purposes!  In other words, shipping logs and usage events from an iOS app will give you the ability to both troubleshoot issues with the app, as well as let you gain insights about your app’s usage, adoption, etc.

If you don’t see the events in the dashboard immediately, note that this library sends data in batches to preserve the battery (every 60s), or if there are more than 10 messages queued up. Messages are saved while the device is offline, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data.

To summarize, what this library gives you is:

  • Ability to centralize your mobile app logs
  • Ability to collect app usage statistics and events for usage analytics purposes
  • Ability to catch uncaught exceptions (crashes) and ship them for later analysis
  • Integrations with CocoaLumberjack and NSLog
  • Support for attaching meta-data to events to allow report slicing and dicing
  • Optimized data shipping to reduce network usage and extend battery life
  • Buffering of data to avoid data loss while device is offline

For more info, see Sematext Logsene iOS project on Github.  For shipping logs from Android apps see Sematext Logsene Android.

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