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OpenSearch 2.1 Release Highlights

OpenSearch 2.1 was recently released and here are the highlights:

  • Snapshot Management: you could back up indices using Index Management before, but this only works well for time-series use-cases, like logs. For E-commerce applications or other OpenSearch clusters where indices constantly change, you want to snapshot on a schedule. Snapshot Management helps you do exactly that.
  • Multi-terms aggregation. This mirrors Elasticsearch’s multi-terms aggregation, allowing you to aggregate on a composite key. For example, if you have a first_name and a last_name field, you could facet on the full name with a multi-terms aggregation. If you do this a lot, it will pay off to have a separate full_name field, but this aggregation lets you choose combinations at query time.
  • Dedicated ML nodes. If you’re using the ml-commons plugin to do predictions, like when you may run out of disk, now you can do the processing on separate OpenSearch nodes. Before, data nodes had to do this work.

If you want to upgrade to 2.x, now’s a good time, because the 2.x branch has been out for a while. Here’s a quick reminder of what OpenSearch 2.0 brought to the table:

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