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Sematext @ CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Berlin

On March 29-30, Cloud NativeCon + KubeCon – Berlin, Germany brings together almost 1500 developers, architects, technical leaders, CIOs, CTOs, and analysts from open source cloud native communities – all under a single roof. Come and learn about Fluentd, Kubernetes, OpenTracing, Prometheus, and more.

Managing containers is typically done with cluster managers and container orchestration tools such as  Google Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm, Docker Cloud, Amazon ECS, just to mention a few. While Docker provides the actual containers, a DevOps person also needs a set of tools that are part of the container management workflow: container orchestration, scaling, security, monitoring and logging.

Want to Learn more about Container Monitoring and Log Collection?

Just look for Octi the octopus and you’ll find us. We’re at booth S7 and can talk about monitoring and logging in Docker, Kubernetes, and non-container context all day long.  If you’re not coming to the event or are shy, have a look at our tutorial for Container Monitoring and Log Collection on Kubernetes or top Docker metrics to watch.

To find out more about the conference follow #CloudNativeCon and #KubeCon on Twitter and if you are coming to Berlin find us at Booth S7. Stop by and learn about container monitoring and logging. See you there!

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