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Solr: Optimize Is (Not) Bad for You – Video & Slides

Another Lucene/Solr Revolution happened on September 12-15, 2017 in Las Vegas. Sematext was there, exhibiting AND giving two talks! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and attended our two talks:

The first presentation offers a closer look at what optimization or better-called force merge does to your Solr search engine so that you can:

  • learn from what segments are to how they are built and how they are used by Lucene and Solr for searching.
  • understand real-life performance implications regarding Solr collections that have many segments on a single node and compare that to the Solr where the number of segments is moderate and low.
  • see what we can do to tune the merging process to trade off indexing performance for better query performance and what pitfalls are there waiting for us.
  • distinguish possibilities of running force merge to avoid system disruption and still benefit from query performance boost that single segment index provides.

However, they say optimize is bad for you, they say you shouldn’t do it, they say it will invalidate operating system caches and make your system suffer. This is all true, but is it true in all cases?

Interested in listening to the 40-minute talk? Check it below.

Don’t have time to watch the video? You can check Optimize Is (Not) Bad for You slides instead.

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