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What's New in SPM 1.11.0

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We’ve been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes in SPM.  Here are a few new things in the most recent release – 1.11.0 from April 16, 2013:

  • We’ve added a Standalone Monitor.  So far the only way to monitor Solr, ElasticSearch, HBase, Sensei, or JVM with SPM was by running our SPM Monitor in-process, as a Javaagent.  Starting with this version you have an additional option of running the monitor in a separate process.
  • SPM URLs are now sharable. Just copy the URL from your browser while using SPM and give it to anyone who has access to the same SPM App and they’ll see the exact same view as you – this means seeing the same report, same graph, same filter selection(s), and the same time range!  Because we use SPM with a lot of our Solr and ElasticSearch consulting clients, this is huge for us (and them!), as it helps us all see the exact same view.
  • We have simplified the SPM client installation a lot and have simplified the Collectd config a bit, too.
  • Both SPM Sender and SPM Monitor have been reworked. Monitor has the ability to register new applications and Sender has the ability to pick that up.  Sender should also be running with ionice if you have ionice available and a bit of unnecessary work was removed from Monitor, so it should consume even fewer resources than before.
  • We’ve added more info about SPM to the new SPM Wiki Space.

In addition to that, we’re working on:

  • Hadoop monitoring. This includes performance reports for both HDFS and MapReduce – NameNode, JobTracker, TaskTracker, and DataNode.
  • SPM client packaging.  This means you’ll soon be able to install SPM client as a Deb package or RPM, and then automate with Puppet or Chef.

There are a few more interesting things in the works, but we’ve got to leave something for later.  If you have not tried SPM yet, you should!  User feedback has been awesome and there are a number of good things on the 2013 roadmap!