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Tighter Metrics & Logs Integration

One of the Sematext differentiators is that it’s not just a monitoring solution or just log management solution.  It’s monitoring AND log management in a single solution.  This single pane of proverbial glass makes DevOps lives simpler.  No more jumping between multiple tools, multiple cloud solutions, multiple browser tabs, no more adjusting of multiple date pickers to be in sync, no more using of multiple UIs and methods for filtering data, building charts, reports, and dashboards.  Sematext has been offering monitoring and log management for a while now, but in the most recent release we’ve further unified it, making it really simple for people to go through the well-established DevOps path:

Alert Notification ⇒ Metrics Charts ⇒ Log Inspection for details

Moreover, we’ve made it dead-simple to see metrics and logs in the single view and visually correlate between the two.  End result?  Much faster troubleshooting ⇒ much more efficient root cause analysis ⇒ much shorter MTTR ⇒ happier DevOps & happier users!  Log in to see for yourself or read more about monitoring and logging with Sematext Cloud.

Sematext Logs and metrics



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