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Core Web Vitals

Monitor Core Web Vitals out-of-the-box. Gain insight into LCP, FID, CLS, FCP, and many more.

Core Web Vitals

Synthetics Browser Monitor for Web Vitals Analysis

Google's Core Web Vitals aims to provide unified guidance on web quality signals, enhancing the overall user experience online

  • Collect all Core Web Vitals with Synthetics Browser Monitor
  • Out-of-the-box Web Vitals report for Browser monitor metrics
  • See recommended thresholds for guidance
  • Filter metrics based on locations
  • Aggregate the results by average, percentile (99th, 95th, and 75th), min, and max
Core Web Vitals

Web Vitals Collection and Analysis Across Synthetics and Experience

Core Web Vitals

Weekly User Experience Report

  • Receive comprehensive reports weekly
  • Reports cover Core Web Vitals metrics
  • Includes Apdex scores for page loads and HTTP requests
  • Provides insights into average page views
Core Web Vitals