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Definition: What is Site24x7?

Site24x7 is a cloud-based platform designed to monitor websites and servers, and it caters to businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises. It allows users to monitor websites, servers, clouds, networks, applications, and even real-time user interactions. Through this platform, users can gain insights into uptime, the performance of web applications, internet services, and private networks.

Site24x7 Key Features

  • Website monitoring – Uptime monitoring for websites, APIs, and applications with synthetic checks.
  • Infrastructure monitoring – Observability for servers, networks, containers, logs, and cloud.
  • APM – Troubleshoot application performance issues.
  • Real user monitoring – Captures user interactions and gathers valuable insights from actual user experiences.
  • Log management – Gathers, stores, and analyzes ingested log data.


What is Site24x7 used for?

Designed for small to large businesses, Site24x7 has a variety of tools and use cases in the website monitoring realm. Primarily, it is known for its Uptime and APM (Application performance monitoring) capabilities.

How does Sematext compare to Site24x7?

Sematext and Site24x7 offer a lot of the same functionality. They both offer Website Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, and more. However, Site24x7 forces users to purchase unnecessary solutions in order to unlock other solutions. For example, if you want Real User monitoring, then you’ll have to purchase the “All-in-one” solutions for $225 per month (which is the price only if you opt for an annual contract). Sematext offers each solution individually, and doesn’t force users to purchase solutions they don’t want or need.

Want more details? Check out our page on Sematext vs Site24x7.

Where is Site24x7 hosted?

Site24x7 is hosted on Zoho Corporation’s servers. Both the primary and secondary servers are hosted in the United States, Europe, China, and Australia.

How much does Site24x7 cost?

Site24x7 pricing includes a variety of plans and options for users. Pricing will depend on the tool you select and the package you choose.

  • Website Monitoring starts at $9 per month, and goes all the way up to $225 per month.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring starts at $9 per month, but includes many add-ons.
  • APM starts at $35 per month, but also has numerous add-ons that will affect the price.
  • The All-in-one solution starts at $35 per month, and can go all the way up to $449 per month.
  • MSP starts at $45 per month, but once again, has multiple add-ons that will raise the price.

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