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Docker Monitoring

Docker Monitoring and Alerting

Docker Monitoring and Alerting

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Monitor all key Docker Container and Host Metrics – CPU, Memory, Network, Disk – and Events

  • Built-in anomaly detection, threshold, and heartbeat alerts
  • ChatOps integrations: Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, WebHooks, Nagios, etc.
  • Multi-user RBAC and sharing support

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Kubernetes, Swarm, Rancher

Kubernetes, Swarm, Rancher

Built-in support for Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Rancher discovery and orchestration-aware data handling.

Docker Alerting

Sematext captures all key Docker metrics and gives you performance monitoring charts out of the box. Setting up anomaly detection or threshold-based alerts on any combination of metrics and filters takes just a minute. Heartbeat alerts, enabled by default, notify you when any of your containers goes down.

Correlate Docker Events & Logs

Metrics and Alerts show you something has happened in your container, but they don’t tell you what exactly happened. Send custom events to Sematext and container / app logs to Sematext Logs and find out not only WHEN something happened, but also WHAT and WHY. Sematext Docker Agent also collects Docker Events – see Docker Metrics & Events post – so you can see when containers stopped, paused, died, etc., and correlate that with other signals for deeper insight into your environment.

Correlate Docker Events & Logs

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