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Kafka Monitoring

Kafka Monitoring

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Monitor Kafka metrics for Brokers, Producers, and Consumers

  • Out of the box Kafka monitoring dashboards
  • Built-in anomaly detection, threshold, and heartbeat alerts

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Consumer Lag & 100+ Metrics

Consumer Lag & 100+ Metrics

Kafka exposes over 100 metrics and Sematext shows them all in out of the box Kafka monitoring dashboards. Setting up anomaly detection or threshold-based alerts on something like everyone’s favorite Consumer Lag, takes about 2 minutes. Heartbeat alerts can notify you when any Consumers, Producers, or Brokers go down.

Kafka Monitoring eBook: The Complete Guide

Looking into how to monitor Kafka? Download the Complete Kafka Monitoring Guide where you’ll learn about Kafka monitoring challenges, why monitor Kafka, types of data streams to monitor, key Kafka metrics to focus on first and more.

End to End Pipeline Visibility

As a message queue, Kafka by definition never runs alone. There are always other apps around it. Perhaps you also run Spark, HBase, or Cassandra? Perhaps Elasticsearch, Solr, or HDFS? Sematext has monitoring integrations for them all, so you can have a single place to see your full stack. And not just metrics, but also alerts, anomalies, arbitrary events, and even logs, so you can find out not only WHEN something happened, but also WHAT and WHY.

End to End Pipeline Visibility

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