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Sematext Cloud features Java application monitoring that's automatically included with all JVM-based integrations. Out of the box you can:

  • Monitor Java logs, garbage collection counts, duration, and sizes
  • Get detailed visibility of JVM heap sizes and usage for individual memory pools; great for JVM performance tuning or setting separate alert thresholds for different pools
  • Monitor JVM thread counts, number of files open by the JVM
  • Filter any metric by host, tag, or garbage collector type

Real-Time JVM Profiling

Improve Java performance by finding bottlenecks in your and 3rd party applications and services.

  • Profile any Java app on demand, whether it's a web application or server
  • Find methods with most CPU usage or wall-clock time
  • Spot calls to external services that are affecting your Java application's health

Open-source Java Monitoring Agent

The Sematext agent collects metrics from a variety of sources in an easy, fully pluggable and extensible way

  • Open-sourced and forkable on Github
  • Built-in JVM profiler finds performance bottlenecks in your own Java applications and servers as well as 3rd party JVM-based applications
  • Built-in distributed transaction tracing (for JVM) finds slow services in your (micro)service-based architecture

Distributed Transaction Tracing

Use Transaction Tracing to go beyond metrics and uncover slow services, slow database transactions, etc. If your apps use JDBC to talk to your DB, you can also:

  • Find slow database operations
  • View full SQL statements
  • See end-to-end HTTP transaction context, through multiple tiers, including full call traces
  • Get top 10 operations by throughput, latency, or time consumed
  • Filter database operations by type

Bring it all together: Metrics, Logs, Experience and Tracing

Sematext all-in-one solution provides you with all monitoring tools to observe your whole application’s health while automatically finding bottlenecks in your infrastructure to optimize application performance and reduce costs.

Sematext: Your all-in-one Monitoring Solution

Real User Monitoring, Transaction Tracing, Infrastructure Monitoring, Synthetics, Log Management: Finally together in one innovative solution.

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