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Job : Customer Success DevOps

Customer Success DevOps
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Sematext is a globally distributed organization that builds innovative Cloud and On Premise solutions for performance monitoring, alerting and anomaly detection (SPM) and log management and analytics (Logsene). We also provide Search and Big Data consulting services and offer 24/7 production support and training for Solr and Elasticsearch to clients worldwide.

We are looking a technical and people-minded person to work with our users and customers, help new customers with onboarding, or help customers optimize or automate their integration with Sematext products or open-source tools. In this role you get to work with DevOps people from both enterprise and consumer-oriented companies, some large and multinational, others small and local. While the bulk of our customers are in North America, we’ve also helped organizations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.


  • Orchestration tools like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, DC/OS, AWS ECS, GKE, Mesos, …
  • Log shippers like Logstash, Filebeat, rsyslog, or Logagent
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, Heroku ….
  • Databases like Cassandra, MySQL, Redis, …
  • Search engines like Elasticsearch or Solr
  • Operating Systems like Linux, CoreOS, Windows
  • Programming Languages like Go, NodeJS, Java, …

We need fast learner with knowledge of cloud deployments, container technology, and good communication skills in English. Knowledge of NodeJS, Docker, or several of above-mentioned tools is a plus. On one side you help customers who need assistance, on the other side you share your suggest improvements based on customer feedback and your own observations to make our solutions better and onboarding process smoother.

Interested in learning something new every day? Like to communicate with customers and share your knowledge via blog posts, documentation updates, creation of new automation tools, etc.? Want to join a friendly, multi-cultural, fully distributed team with a unique company culture of self-driven remote DevOps? Drop us a note!


This position is open to candidates in North or South America or Europe, although truly exceptional
individuals from other corners of the planet will be considered, too.

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