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Job : Solr and/or Elasticsearch Instructor

Solr and/or Elasticsearch Instructor
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Sematext trainers run public, on-site, and online Solr and Elasticsearch classes to groups ranging from a few to a few dozen individuals. You need to be comfortable speaking in front of people, be good and clear communicator, have the desire to teach people of various degrees of familiarity with the subject. A good instructor will be organized and engaging, and will not put trainees to sleep. An ideal instructor will be able to deliver any of our Solr or Elastic stack trainings, although initial expertise with both Solr and Elastic stack is not required – our existing Solr and Elasticsearch consultants and trainers will make sure any knowledge gaps you have are quickly filled. Furthermore, we use Solr and Elasticsearch extensively ourselves, thus providing plenty of opportunities for gaining expertise.

This position requires travel several times a year, primarily to locations in North America and Europe. Because one cannot remain on top of Solr or Elasticsearch without ongoing hands-on work with these technologies, a person in this position will also take part in Sematext consulting and support. Often being the first point of contact customers have with Sematext, trainers are in the unique position to also introduce relevant Sematext products and other services, such as production support and consulting. The ability to present Sematext solutions that can truly be of use to trainees without being overly pushy is a plus.


  • Passion to teach and ability to run engaging classes
  • Strong verbal and presentation skills
  • Patience, desire to help, and attention to detail
  • Updating existing and creating new training material
  • Maintaining expertise in relevant subjects by keeping up to date
  • Ability to travel globally


This position is open to candidates in North or South America or Europe.

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