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Cloud-based Network Performance Monitoring

Your whole infrastructure network topology at a glance

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Sematext features network monitoring as a service that provides you with a real-time map of all your servers and containers. In addition to auto-discovery and collection of communication data such as receive and transmit rates, aggregate and segmented by port. Sematext enables you to:

  • Visualize complete network infrastructure through dynamic network maps
  • Monitor network activity and see real-time receive and transmit rates and connection ports used
  • Explore network topology maps with zooming, panning, and filtering
  • Filter out uninteresting endpoints
Network Monitoring

Catch network infrastructure issues before something breaks

Using Sematext as a network monitoring solution helps you track bandwidth usage and asset utilization completely remotely

  • Monitor Uptime and Alert on Network Health
    Monitor your network performance metrics and get alerted on key issues before they turn into emergencies.
  • Discover Hidden Dependencies
    Find network dependencies in your infrastructure and dependencies on external services.
  • Monitor Network Traffic and find Top Bandwidth Consumers
    Find who uses the most incoming or outgoing bandwidth to improve your network performance.
  • Spot Potential Network Security Threats
    See communication on a per-port basis. Find ports that should not be opened and reduce risk.
  • Minimal Overhead
    Network data is collected extremely efficiently at kernel level and does not involve expensive packet capture or analysis.
  • Deployment Flexibility
    Works whether your infrastructure is set up on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.
  • Increase Team Efficiency
    Cut out complexity in your monitoring tools and increase your team’s efficiency by identifying bottlenecks in real-time with an all-in-one monitoring solution like Sematext Cloud.
  • Advanced Monitoring Agent
    Sematext Agent uses Linux kernel instrumentation and works with Linux servers, VMs and Docker containers