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Edited release-it - Logagent - [issue]
...Added release-it and auto-changelog to devDependencies....    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-02-24, 08:43
Add boilerplate with multiple indices for shipping to multiple Logs Apps - Logagent - [issue]
...logagent-js/bin/                 Line 182      in      ad4bdef          &...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-02-19, 16:33
Issue #206 - Logagent - [issue]
...There was a bug in the Elasticsearch output plugin. When setting the LOGS_TOKEN in a Docker configuration, while not setting the token in the output section of the Logagent conf file, the El...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-03-03, 16:46
Code cleanup - Logagent - [issue]
...This PR will add a Dockerfile and script to the root of the repo for local builds and tests of the Logagent Docker container. Dockerhub automated builds will build the test branch on ...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-03-04, 11:33
SC-7164: Added token blacklisting for Github Webhook input - Logagent - [issue]
...This PR will add: Checking if a token is on the blacklist in the GitHub Webhook input plugin Adding tokens to the blacklist in the Sematext Events output plugin if the token is rej...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-03-05, 13:45
SC-7051: final touches for GitHub plugin - Logagent - [issue]    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-02-17, 10:40
SC-7051: Added GitHub Webhook input plugin - Logagent - [issue]
...Added a new input plugin for Github Webhooks. The input plugin will run as a server and listen for HTTP requests. It will take token and region values from the URL and parse an event object ...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-02-17, 13:56
Fix for #191 - refactoring LOGS_ENABLED logic - Logagent - [issue]
...We had a bug in the LOGS_ENABLED and LOGS_ENABLED_DEFAULT logic for whitelisting/blacklisting containers that Logagent should collect logs from.This fixed #191 the ENV vars logic for Docker,...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-04-07, 14:11
SC-7229: Refactor GitHub Webhook - Logagent - [issue]
...Done: Refactored Github Input Plugin to use filters Created a filter to format data to be compatible with Sematext Events Created a filter to format data to be compatible with...    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-03-25, 13:30
Refactor commits field - Logagent - [issue]
...The commits field should be an array to avoid Too many fields in index issue....    Author: adnanrahic , 2020-04-16, 13:21