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Aggregate or down-sample events - Logagent - [issue]
...In order to relieve pressure downstream and to avoid collation complexity, would be nice if I could aggregate logs within logagent-js.  I'll try to explain more with an example.  I...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-12-01, 14:05
Stored file position contains "NaN" / invalid position. - Logagent - [issue]
...Spawning in the background and doing a kill -15 PID causes null to be stored as the position:2016-07-20T00:01:30.603Z Stop watching /path/to/some-file inode: 147307 pos:NaNAlso, would be nic...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-07-21, 14:23
Read file from beginning - Logagent - [issue]
...I'd like to be able to start from beginning of file when there is no stored position....    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-07-21, 09:26
Specify document _id - Logagent - [issue]
...I like to define document ids so that I can reprocess logs without adding duplicates.  When I define an _id field, it gets renamed to id.  Not sure yet if logagent-js is doing this...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-07-20, 13:05
Access to pattern in transform() - Logagent - [issue]
...At first, I didn't know why you'd pass pattern into the new filter() option.  After looking at the example, it makes sense now and has me wondering if it makes sense to expose that in t...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-09-07, 22:14
API for filtering / dropping? - Logagent - [issue]
...I can't find anything in the docs or code to show how to drop a message.  Is that supported?  If not and something you'd like to support, any thoughts on how you'd like to support ...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-09-07, 22:19
stdin duplicated - Logagent - [issue]
...While testing, it took me a while to figure out why I was seeing duplicates.  Not sure if user error on my part, poor usage text, or a bug.  Here is the part of the code that cause...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-07-19, 10:14
License clarity - Logagent - [issue]
...Not sure if this is cruft from a copy & paste or if intended for sematext customers only: * This source code may not be copied, reverse engineered, or altered for any purpose. * Th...    Author: erik-stephens , 2016-07-08, 22:39