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Fix typo - Logagent - [issue]    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-04-02, 15:40
Create Cassandra CQL query input plugin #122 - Logagent - [issue]
...Hi,I've prepare Cassandra Input plugin, please reviewAt the moment seems that Cassandra nodejs-driver is pure js. If It is ok can I leave it in Logagent-js core or is necessary to create an ...    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-03-27, 12:46
Fix a typo... - Logagent - [issue]    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-01-10, 15:32
Zeromq in/out plugins #116 - Logagent - [issue]
...Hi,I've add reference to zeromq input/out plugins. They are external plugins cause library used is based on native.Plugins support the following pattersPublish-subscribeRequest-responsefire-...    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-01-10, 01:55
Zeromq in/out plugins - Logagent - [issue]
...In my IMHO can be useful to add io/out zeromq plugins to logagent to improve it's pipeline flexibility...    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-01-24, 15:54
Add GELF out plugin + move alias grok filter in input filter section - Logagent - [issue]    Author: fbalicchia , 2017-12-18, 22:32
Add alias for grok filter - Logagent - [issue]
...Reset previous commit and add grok alias...    Author: fbalicchia , 2017-11-16, 21:08
Grok filter support - Logagent - [issue]
... for manage in one point all event definitions. To avoid native dependency in logagent core I've created a plugin as usual.    Author: fbalicchia , 2017-11-16, 05:59
grok filter support - Logagent - [issue]
...Hi,I'll start to think to add grok support to Logagent and my attention is fall on node-grok. During evaluation  and starting coding  and  I saw that it depends from Oniguruma...    Author: fbalicchia , 2017-12-01, 15:11
Chat room for logagent-js - Logagent - [issue]
...Hi,is possible to create  a chat room for logagent project using gitter for example ?...    Author: fbalicchia , 2018-10-22, 20:17