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[SOLR-6387] Solr specific work around for JDK bug #8047340: posix_spawn error with turkish locale - Solr - [issue]
...Various versions of the Sun/Oracle/OpenJDK JVM have issues executing new processes if the default langauge of the JVM is "Turkish".The root bug reports of this affecting Runtime.exec() are h...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-09-10, 15:34
[SOLR-8742] HdfsDirectoryTest fails reliably after changes in LUCENE-6932 - Solr - [issue]
...the following seed fails reliably for me on master...   [junit4]   2> 1370568 INFO  (TEST-HdfsDirectoryTest.testEOF-seed#[A0D22782D87E1CE2]) [    ] o.a.s.Sol...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-09-07, 17:20
[SOLR-156] create a DOAP file - Solr - [issue]
...when first launched, Solr was still in incubation, and incubating projects were not permited to be that we've graduated, we need a DOAP file to appera in the l...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-07-05, 21:16
[SOLR-119] debugQuery explain info doesn't work for pure negative queries - Solr - [issue]
...SOLR-80 added support for purely negative queries to SolrIndexSearcher - but this was done at a low enough level that the RequestHandlers don't know when the query is being internal modified...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-07-05, 21:13
[SOLR-2] adding multiple docs at the same time does not produce a well formed response - Solr - [issue]
...i just realized that when adding multiple docs as part of a single /update, the response isn't legal XML.this is easy to see in the example app by running "sh hd.xml" you get...<r...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-07-05, 21:11
[SOLR-22] BitDocSet can get corrupt size info? - Solr - [issue]
...I don't have a test case demonstrating this yet, but i wnated to file it before i forget.Glancing at the code for BitDocSet this morning i think i see a way for the size information (which i...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-07-05, 18:08
[SOLR-1805] Possible perf improvement in UnInvertedField by using syncronizing on CreationPlaceholder - Solr - [issue]
...UnInvertedField.getUnInvertedField could probably see some performance improvements in the creation of new UnInvertedField instances if it started synchronizing on a CreationPlaceholder obje...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-06-01, 08:46
[SOLR-7627] Either automate or stop listing the "Versions of Major Components" in CHANGES.txt - Solr - [issue]
...At some point along the way, we got in the practice of having a "Versions of Major Components" sub-section in changes.txt for each release ... in addition to the normal practice of recording...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-04-06, 20:58
[SOLR-8273] deprecate implicitly uninverted fields, force people to either use docValues, or be explicit that they want query time uninversion - Solr - [issue]
...once upon a time, there was nothing we could do to stop people from using the FieldCache - even if they didn't realize they were using it.Then DocValues was added - and now people have a cho...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-03-21, 14:28
[SOLR-8362] Add docValues support for TextField - Solr - [issue]
...At the last lucene/solr revolution, Toke asked a question about why TextField doesn't support docValues.  The short answer is because no one ever added it, but the longer answer was bec...    Author: Hoss Man , 2018-01-27, 03:27