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Status of the Zeppelin Solr Interpreter - Solr - [mail # user]
...HiWhat is the status of this project?Looks pretty dead on GitHub: Would love to be able to use this in a project.--Jan Høydahl, search solution ar...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-17, 12:13
Apache SOLR upgrade from 5.2.1 to 7.x - Solr - [mail # user]
...Shawn, my impression is that you WILL be able to upgrade a 5.x index to 6.x and then to 7.x for use with 7.x. So your wiki page is a bit too strict here.But if you ever want to upgrade to 8....
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-06, 20:31
Connecting Solr to Nutch - Solr - [mail # user]
...This is more a questions for the Nutch community to answer. Googling, I found a Tutorial which seems fairly up to date (2018-09-10), perhaps try to follow that one?
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-05, 07:36
Migrate cores from 4.10.2 to 7.5.0 - Solr - [mail # user]
...See SOLR-12281  for details around the new migration limitation that will be introduced from v8.0. You may be able to get yourself from 4.x to 7.x through clever hoops, but then if you ...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-03, 22:32
data-import-handler for solr-7.5.0 - Solr - [mail # user]
...> url="C:/Users/z6mhq/Desktop/data_import/nh_test.xml"Have you tried url="C:\\Users\\z6mhq/Desktop\\data_import\\nh_test.xml" ?--Jan Høydahl, search solution architectCominvent AS - www.c...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-02, 15:45
Modify the log directory for dih - Solr - [mail # user]
...I'm not sure which log file you are referring to. You can configure where Solr puts its log files through the SOLR_LOGS_DIR environment setting, see
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-10-02, 08:51
Solr Stream vs Export Request Handlers - Solr - [mail # user]
...Hi,Yes, you can choose which to use, it should give  you about same result. If you already work with the Solr search API it would be the easiest for you to consume /export as you don't ...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-09-27, 08:32
SOLR Index Time Running Optimization - Solr - [mail # user]
...With DIH you are doing indexing single-threaded. You should be able to configure multiple DIH's on the same collection and then partition the data between them, issuing slightly different SQ...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-09-26, 16:44
Solr index clearing - Solr - [mail # user]
...Hi,Solr does not do anything automatically, so I think this is a question for the Nutch community - Høydahl, search solution architectCominven...
   Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-09-25, 07:05
[SOLR-11087] Get rid of jar duplicates in release - Solr - [issue]
...Sub task of SOLR-6806The dist/ folder contains many duplicate jar files, totalling 10,5M:4,6M   ./dist/solr-core-6.6.0.jar (WEB-INF/lib)1,2M   ./dist/solr-solrj-6.6.0.jar (WEB-INF/...    Author: Jan Høydahl , 2018-09-24, 08:06