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[SOLR-9685] tag a query in JSON syntax - Solr - [issue]
...There should be a way to tag a query/filter in JSON syntax.Perhaps these two forms could be equivalent:"{!tag=COLOR}color:blue"{ tagged : { COLOR : "color:blue" }...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2019-10-18, 14:41
[SOLR-13815] Live split can lose data - Solr - [issue]
...This issue is to investigate potential data loss during a "live" split (i.e. split happens while updates are flowing)This was discovered during the shared storage work which was based on a n...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-21, 16:58
[SOLR-14098] inconsistent replica state treatment in RequestApplyUpdatesOp - Solr - [issue]
...IN RequestApplyUpdatesOp, if there are no buffered updates, the method returns.  If there are buffered updates, they are applied and the replica state is set to ACTIVE.I'm not sure what...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-21, 17:00
[SOLR-13891] Default replica placement is random - Solr - [issue]
...By default, our current replica placement is effectively random instead of spreading preferring nodes with fewer cores.Within a single collection create, replicas are spread across nodes, bu...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-21, 17:00
[SOLR-13833] setupRequest normally called twice - Solr - [issue]
...I think this was introduced in SOLR-12955, but setupRequest is called twice... for example a single "add" causes it to be called once in DistributedZkUpdateProcessor.processAdd() and then ag...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-21, 16:58
[SOLR-14079] SPLITSHARD splitByPrefix doesn't work in async mode - Solr - [issue]
...If you specify async=whatever in conjunction with splitByPrefix, the ranges are calculated by the shard leader, but that information does not make it back to the overseer and the split proce...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-21, 16:56
[SOLR-9683] include/exclude filters by tag - Solr - [issue]
...When specifying a filter list in JSON syntax, it would be nice to be able to include/exclude filters by tag....    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-01-15, 06:24
[SOLR-13813] Shared storage online split support - Solr - [issue]
...The strategy for online shard splitting is the same as that for normal (non SHARED shards.)During a split, the leader will forward updates to sub-shard leaders, those updates will be buffere...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-02-28, 21:29
[SOLR-1260] support all DocSet operations in DocSlice - Solr - [issue]
...Although Solr does not use Set operations on DocLists, others may try to do so since DocList extends DocSet.  We should have tests for this....    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2020-02-12, 17:50
[SOLR-13399] compositeId support for shard splitting - Solr - [issue]
...Shard splitting does not currently have a way to automatically take into account the actual distribution (number of documents) in each hash bucket created by using compositeId hashing.We sho...    Author: Yonik Seeley , 2019-09-30, 16:53