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[KNOX-438] Support both templeton and webhcat URLs - Knox - [issue]
...WebHCatDeploymentContributor should add a pattern to the patterns and rules for webhcat. This is a convenience to better align the role in the topology file with the API - even though temple...    Author: Larry McCay , 2018-11-14, 14:59
[BEAM-6058] Support flink config directory for flink runner. - Beam - [issue]
...Give user option to use flink configuration from a config directory....    Author: Ankur Goenka , 2018-11-14, 14:58
[KNOX-1165] Another unnamed CacheManager already exists in the same VM - Knox - [issue]
...ProblemIssue is described on the note "Error:Shiro environment initialization failed" when starting Knox;ERROR env.EnvironmentLoader ( - Shiro env...    Author: Ernani Pereira de Mattos ... , 2018-11-14, 14:58
[ARROW-3788] [Ruby] Add support for CSV parser writtin in C++ - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Kouhei Sutou , 2018-11-14, 14:57
[FLINK-10885] Avro Confluent Schema Registry E2E test failed on Travis - Flink - [issue]
... for schema registry...[2018-11-14 12:20:59,394] ERROR Server died unexpectedly:  (    Author: Chesnay Schepler , 2018-11-14, 14:57
[YARN-5168] Add port mapping handling when docker container use bridge network - YARN - [issue]
...YARN-4007 addresses different network setups when launching the docker container. We need support port mapping when docker container uses bridge network.The following problems are what we fa...    Author: Jun Gong , 2018-11-14, 14:57
[IMPALA-6848] Field Names Parsed as Decimal - Impala - [issue]
...If you run this query:with x as (select date_sub(now(),interval 6 months) 6_months_ago)select x.6_months_ago from x;You get an error:ERROR: AnalysisException: Syntax error in line 2:select x...    Author: Alan Jackoway , 2018-11-14, 14:57
[IMPALA-941] Impala Parser issue when using fully qualified table names that start with a number. - Impala - [issue]
...Impala Parser issue when using fully qualified table names that start with a number. What is going wrong is that Impala is parsing the table name as a floating point literal since the text s...    Author: Udai Kiran Potluri , 2018-11-14, 14:57
[IMPALA-7764] Add test coverage for SentryProxy - Impala - [issue]
...There are currently no unit tests in SentryProxy, which can lead to a number of bugs when changing code in SentryProxy. There aren't many end-to-end tests related to SentryProxy so that need...    Author: Fredy Wijaya , 2018-11-14, 14:56
[ARROW-2113] [Python] Incomplete CLASSPATH with "hadoop" contained in it can fool the classpath setting HDFS logic - Arrow - [issue]
...Steps to replicate the issue:mkdir /tmp/test cd /tmp/test mkdir jars cd jars touch test1.jar mkdir -p ../lib/zookeeper cd ../lib/zookeeper ln -s ../../jars...    Author: Michal Danko , 2018-11-14, 14:56