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[HIVE-21823] New metrics to get the average queue length / free executor number for a given time window - Hive - [issue]
...We need to calculate the average queue size / free executor size for a window to have good data for making routing decisions.Interesting things to consider: The time gap between arriving req...    Author: Peter Vary , 2019-06-16, 18:33
[HADOOP-16340] ABFS driver continues to retry on IOException responses from REST operations - Hadoop - [issue]
...ABFS driver continues to retry (until retry count is exhausted) upon IOException responses from REST operations.  In the exception hander for IOExceptions at    Author: Robert Levas , 2019-06-16, 18:26
[HADOOP-16355] ZookeeperMetadataStore: Use Zookeeper as S3Guard backend store - Hadoop - [issue]
...When S3Guard was proposed, there are a couple of valid reasons to choose DynamoDB as its default backend store: 0) seamless integration as part of AWS ecosystem e.g. client library 1) it's a...    Author: Mingliang Liu , 2019-06-16, 18:25
A NPE when rounding a nullable numeric - Calcite - [mail # dev]
...The following query throws a NPE in the generated code because it assumesthe divided value to be an initialized Java object (Not null), which isfine for the first row, but not for the second...
   Author: Muhammad Gelbana , 2019-06-16, 18:24
[HDFS-14201] Ability to disallow safemode NN to become active - HDFS - [issue]
...Currently with HA, Namenode in safemode can be possibly selected as active, for availability of both read and write, Namenodes not in safemode are better choices to become active though.It c...    Author: Xiao Liang , 2019-06-16, 18:22
[HADOOP-16376] ABFS: Override access() to no-op for now - Hadoop - [issue]
...Gen1 driver override FileSystem.access() and forward it to storage service, but ABFS doesn't have this and is having some hive permission issue. As a short term fix, ABFS could override this...    Author: Da Zhou , 2019-06-16, 18:22
[FLINK-12820] Support ignoring null fields when writing to Cassandra - Flink - [issue]
...Currently, records which have null fields are written to their corresponding columns in Cassandra as null. Writing null is basically a 'delete' for Cassandra, it's useful if nulls should cor...    Author: Ozan Cicekci , 2019-06-16, 18:20
[HADOOP-16374] Fix DistCp#cleanup called twice unnecessarily - Hadoop - [issue]
...DistCp#cleanup called twice unnecessarily - one at finally clause inside createAndSubmitJob and another by Cleanup thread invoked by ShutDownHook....    Author: Prabhu Joseph , 2019-06-16, 18:16
[KUDU-1702] Document/Implement read-your-writes for Impala/Spark etc. - Kudu - [issue]
...Engines like Impala/Spark use many independent client instances, so we should provide a way to have read-your-writes across many independent client instances, which translates to providing a...    Author: David Alves , 2019-06-16, 18:13
[HADOOP-16377] Moving logging APIs over to slf4j - Hadoop - [issue]
...As of today, there are still 50 references to log4j1$ grep -r "import org.apache.commons.logging.Log;" . |wc - l      50To achieve the goal of HADOOP-12956/HADOOP-16206, we sh...    Author: Wei-Chiu Chuang , 2019-06-16, 18:11