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Monitoring performance for releases - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi,We recently saw an increase in latency migrating from Beam 2.18.0 to 2.21.0 (Python SDK with Flink Runner). This proofed very hard to debug and it looks like each version in between the t...
   Author: Maximilian Michels , 2020-07-09, 17:21
[HBASE-24704] Make the Table Schema easier to view even there are multiple families - HBase - [issue]
...Currently we display the column family as vertical, it is no easy to view, my proposal is to display them as horizontal....    Author: Zheng Wang , 2020-07-09, 17:21
[KAFKA-10174] Prefer --bootstrap-server ducktape tests using - Kafka - [issue]    Author: Vinoth Chandar , 2020-07-09, 17:21
[ARROW-9382] [Rust] Add boolean to valid keys of groupBy - Arrow - [issue]
...Currently we do not support boolean columns on groupBy....    Author: Jorge , 2020-07-09, 17:20
[KAFKA-10249] In-memory stores are skipped when checkpointing but not skipped when reading the checkpoint - Kafka - [issue]
...As the title suggests, offsets for in-memory stores (including the suppression buffer) are not written to the checkpoint file. However, when reading from the checkpoint file during task init...    Author: Sophie Blee-Goldman , 2020-07-09, 17:19
[KAFKA-10258] Get rid of use_zk_connection flag in public methods - Kafka - [issue]    Author: Vinoth Chandar , 2020-07-09, 17:18
[ARROW-6982] [R] Add bindings for compare and boolean kernels - Arrow - [issue]
...See cpp/src/arrow/compute/kernels/compare.h and boolean.h. ARROW-6980 introduces an Expression class that works on Arrow Arrays, but to evaluate the expressions, it has to pull the data into...    Author: Neal Richardson , 2020-07-09, 17:18
[IMPALA-9939] Fix Hive interop for HLL with STRING types - Impala - [issue]
...It turned out that Impala hashes STRINGs differently than Hive.Impala's implementation simply hashes the original byte array (e.g. a UTF-8 encoded string), while Hive hashes the UTF-16 encod...    Author: Csaba Ringhofer , 2020-07-09, 17:17
[IMPALA-9593] Implement count(distinct) function (DataSketches/HLL) - Impala - [issue]
...Implement the count(distinct) function from the DataSketches library for HLL in C++.General info about the sketch: implementation to wrap:h...    Author: Boglarka Egyed , 2020-07-09, 17:17
[ARROW-8559] [Rust] Consolidate Record Batch reader traits in main arrow crate - Arrow - [issue]
...We have the `BatchIterator` trait in DataFusion and the `RecordBatchReader` trait in the main arrow crate.They differ in that `BatchIterator` is Send + Sync.  They should both be in the Arro...    Author: Paddy Horan , 2020-07-09, 17:17