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[expand - 2 more] - User ClassLoader leak on job restart - Flink - [mail # user]
...Hi Daniel,would it be possible to run directly on Flink in order to take Beam out ofthe equation? Moreover, I would be interested if the same problem stilloccurs with the latest Flink versio...
   Author: Till Rohrmann , Andrey Zagrebin , ... , 2019-01-16, 09:58
[HIVE-20925] test - Hive - [issue]
...test...    Author: Sudarshan Bhide , 2019-01-16, 09:56
[FLINK-11205] Task Manager Metaspace Memory Leak - Flink - [issue]
...Job Restarts causes task manager to dynamically load duplicate classes. Metaspace is unbounded and grows with every restart. YARN aggressively kill such containers but this affect is immedia...    Author: Nawaid Shamim , 2019-01-16, 09:56
[KYLIN-3773] Using Mysql instead of Hive as Data Source fails with LinkageError - Kylin - [issue]
...we are currently trying to test the KYLIN-3552 feature to rely directly on Mysql for data source instead of Hive. (we tried as much as possible to add correct info in, add m...    Author: Hubert STEFANI , 2019-01-16, 09:56
[HIVE-2722] GenericUDFUtils.findText use CharBuffer other than ByteBuffer will be better - Hive - [issue] instr("中文字符测试-第一行","-") from testTable limit 1;result:19 (one Chinese Character was considered as  3 Unicode bits)select substr("中文字符测试-第一行",1,2) from testTable limit 1;result: "...    Author: caofangkun , 2019-01-16, 09:55
[BEAM-6155] Migrate the Go SDK to the modern GCS library - Beam - [issue]
...The gcsx package is using the GCS library. That library has been deprecated for ~6 months, and the recommendation is to use the newer    Author: Andrew Brampton , 2019-01-16, 09:54
[ARROW-4272] illegal hardware instruction - Arrow - [issue]
...I can't import pyarrow, it crashes:>>> import pyarrow as pa[1]    31441 illegal hardware instruction (core dumped)  python3Core dump is attached to issue, it can help you to underst...    Author: Elchin , 2019-01-16, 09:54
[BEAM-6346] Portable Flink Job hangs if the sdk harness fails to start - Beam - [issue]
...Portable beam job on Flink fails if the sdk harness container fails to start as its started in detached mode....    Author: Ankur Goenka , 2019-01-16, 09:53
[BEAM-6357] Datastore Python client: retry on ABORTED rpc responses - Beam - [issue]
...It is recommended to retry on ABORTED error codes:    Author: Udi Meiri , 2019-01-16, 09:52
[ZEPPELIN-3949] Add HADOOP_CLASSPATH in ZEPPELIN_CLASSPATH when starting Zeppelin - Zeppelin - [issue]
..."bin/" doesn't add HADOOP_CLASSPATH to ZEPPELIN_CLASSPATH. This may cause some important deps to be missed. For instance when storing the notebooks in Swift (an Hadoop-compatible ...    Author: Marco Capuccini , 2019-01-16, 09:51