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[KNOX-1740] Add Trusted Proxy Support to Knox - Knox - [issue]
...There are token exchange scenarios where an application may want to acquire a KnoxToken on behalf of a user authenticated by the application. We need to implement a version of the Hadoop Tru...    Author: Larry McCay , 2019-01-19, 18:28
[CARBONDATA-3232] Optimize carbonData using alluxio - CarbonData - [issue]
...Optimize carbonData using alluxio:1.Add doc2.optimize the example...    Author: xubo245 , 2019-01-19, 18:15
[KNOX-1339] Support for cloud federation - Knox - [issue]
...This is part of KIP-11 - Cloud Usecase  and allows for a topology based federation from one Knox instance to another.It will allow clients to interact with a single on-prem Knox instanc...    Author: Sandeep More , 2019-01-19, 18:06
[KNOX-1426] Document cloud federation feature - Knox - [issue]
...Document Knox-1339 Cloud Federation feature....    Author: Sandeep More , 2019-01-19, 18:03
[HBASE-21034] Add new throttle type: read/write capacity unit - HBase - [issue]
...Add new throttle type: read/write capacity unit like DynamoDB.One read capacity unit represents that read up to 1K data per time unit. If data size is more than 1K, then consume additional r...    Author: Yi Mei , 2019-01-19, 18:03
[BEAM-6418] beam_PreCommit_Java_Cron failing - Beam - [issue]
... 16:22:16 1: Task failed with an exception.16:22:16 -----------16:22:16 * What went wrong:16:22:16 Execution failed for task...    Author: Ahmet Altay , 2019-01-19, 18:03
[BEAM-6230] Document Flink version support policy - Beam - [issue]
...There have been discussions about which version of Flink should be supported in Beam and release 2.10 adds support for building the runner for multiple Flink versions. We should document our...    Author: Thomas Weise , 2019-01-19, 17:59
[BEAM-6440] FlinkTimerInternals memory leak - Beam - [issue]
...After running a portable streaming app for 2-3 days, we see heap space exhausted. Memory analysis shows large number of TimerData objects referenced by heap state....    Author: Thomas Weise , 2019-01-19, 17:55
[HBASE-21738] Remove all the CLSM#size operation in our memstore because it's an quite time consuming. - HBase - [issue]
...Made some performance test for 100% put case in branch-2 before. We can see that there are many  latency peak  in p999 latency curve , and the peak time are almost the point time w...    Author: Zheng Hu , 2019-01-19, 17:54
[BEAM-5396] Flink portable runner savepoint / upgrade support - Beam - [issue]
...The portable Flink runner needs to support Flink savepoints for production use. It should be possible to upgrade a stateful portable Beam pipeline that runs on Flink, which involves taking a...    Author: Thomas Weise , 2019-01-19, 17:53