ClickHouse: The Complete Guide to Monitoring ClickHouse

ClickHouse Monitoring

What’s Inside

ClickHouse is a columnar database management system designed for OLAP that supports real-time, high-speed reporting; Making it a very powerful tool for modern DevOps teams who need fast and flexible ways of analyzing data.

In this guide you’ll learn about:
→ Key ClickHouse Monitoring Metrics: Network Metrics, Zookeeper Metrics, Events Metrics and Other Key Metrics.
→ What is ClickHouse
→ ClickHouse Monitoring Tools
→ The Challenge of Finding ClickHouse Monitoring Tools
→ Accessing ClickHouse Metrics with SQL Queries
→ Graphite and Grafana for ClickHouse Monitoring and more!

Chris Riley
Author: Chris Riley
Contributor — Chapter 1
Technologist who has spent 15 years helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, processes and tooling. In addition to being an industry analyst, he is a regular author, speaker, and evangelist in the areas of DevOps, BigData, and IT. Chris believes the biggest challenges faced in the tech market are not tools, but rather people and planning. ( @HoardingInfo )
Chris Tozzi
Author: Chris Tozzi
Contributor — Chapter 2
Chris Tozzi has worked as a journalist and Linux systems administrator. He has particular interests in open source, agile infrastructure and networking. He is Senior Editor of content and a DevOps Analyst at Fixate IO. His latest book, For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution, was published in 2017.
Stefan Thies
Author: Stefan Thies
DevOps Evangelist • Sematext — Chapter 3
10+ years of work experience as a product manager and pre-sales engineer in telecommunications industry. Passionate about new software technologies and scalable system architectures. Likes NodeJS for POCs.
Follow Stefan on: TwitterO’ReillyDZoneLinkedIn

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