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eBook: Elasticsearch Monitoring

What's Inside

Looking into how to monitor Elasticsearch? Download the Complete Elasticsearch Monitoring Guide where you'll learn about:

  • What is Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch Vocabulary: Understanding Elasticsearch Engineers
  • Scaling an Elasticsearch Cluster
  • Key Metrics to Monitor Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch Use Cases
  • Importance of Monitoring your Elasticsearch Cluster
  • Elasticsearch Open Source Monitoring Tools

And more! Download your free copy of the complete Elasticsearch guide today.


Mike Mackrory

Author: Mike Mackrory

Contributor — Chapter 2 and 3

Mike Mackrory is a Global citizen who has settled down in the Pacific Northwest — for now. By day he works as a Lead Engineer on a DevOps team and by night he writes and tinkers with other technology projects. When he's not tapping on the keys, he can be found hiking, fishing and exploring both the urban and rural landscape with his kids. Always happy to help out another developer, he has a definite preference for helping those who bring gifts of gourmet donuts, craft beer and/or single-malt Scotch.

Stefan Thies

Author: Stefan Thies

DevOps Evangelist — Chapter 1 and 4

10+ years of work experience as a product manager and pre-sales engineer in telecommunications industry. Passionate about new software technologies and scalable system architectures. Likes NodeJS for POCs.

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eBook: Elasticsearch Monitoring