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Node.js Monitoring eBook

What's Inside

Making Node.js applications quick and sturdy is a tricky task to get right. Because Node.js is a dynamically typed programming language and single-threaded you give the interpreter and runtime a lot of freedom to make decisions. This can easily result in memory leaks and high CPU loads. This eBook dives into how you can monitor your application and make sure these issues don't happen.

In this guide you'll learn about:

  • Node.js key metrics to monitor
  • Bad practices in Node.js you should avoid
  • What performant applications need to do well
  • How to add monitoring to your Node.js application
  • An objective review of Node.js open-source monitoring tools
  • The concepts of monitoring and logging a Node.js app
  • What to log in Node.js?
  • Node.js log search and dashboards you should have
  • Best practices for alerting on Node.js logs
  • Running and Monitoring Express.js in Production


Adnan Rahić

Author: Adnan Rahić

Software Engineer

Adnan Rahić is a JavaScript developer at heart. Startup founder, author and teacher with a passion for DevOps and Serverless. As of late focusing on product growth and developer advocacy.

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Node.js Monitoring eBook