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Sematext Synthetics

Deliver fast, reliable & consistent, websites & APIs.

Monitor the availability of your website, APIs, and business-critical web transactions with powerful synthetic monitoring and testing tools.

  • Diagnose and prevent website performance issues
  • Monitor your SSL certificates
  • Build trust with your users using public status pages

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Synthetic Monitoring

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Synthetic Monitoring

Uptime & API Monitoring

Sematext Synthetics features HTTP monitors to track website and application availability from the designated checkpoints around the world.

  • Monitor from multiple locations
  • Monitor from private networks and behind firewalls
  • Track network timings across all layers (DNS, TCP, SSL & HTTP)
  • Monitor your APIs - customize request settings and validate the response content
  • Get notified on your preferred channel (email, Slack, WebHooks, etc.)

Website Performance Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring tools alert you when your website is unavailable or a transaction is slow or failing.

  • Measure page load performance
  • Track Core Web Vitals
  • Track third-party performance and SLAs
  • Diagnose web performance issues using waterfall view and analysis
  • Simulate user interactions using real Google Chrome browser
  • Benchmark your site performance against your competitors’ key pages and transactions
Synthetic Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring

SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificate monitoring checks the validity of your SSL/TLS certificates to ensure website reliability and accessibility.

  • Avoid website downtime due to SSL certificate issues
  • Continuously monitor your SSL certificates
  • Get alerted before certificate expiration and on any SSL certificate errors
  • Track certificate changes with a detailed change report
  • Track all the certificates in the certificate chain

End-to-End Visibility

Monitor application performance metrics, logs, site uptime, APIs, and frontend user experience. All in one place.

  • Faster time to resolution with all your monitoring data in a single place
  • Correlate infrastructure metrics, application logs, events, real-user, and synthetic performance metrics
  • Create custom dashboards to suit your website monitoring needs
  • Catch performance issues early by triggering runs as part of the CI/CD pipeline
Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring Resources

Use these resources to learn more about synthetic monitoring use-cases and best practices.

Plans and Pricing

Price depends on the plan, monitor count and data retention.

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