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Sematext Synthetics

Deliver fast, reliable & consistent, websites & APIs.

Monitor the availability of your website, APIs, and business-critical web transactions with powerful synthetic monitoring and testing tools.

  • Diagnose and prevent website performance issues
  • Monitor your SSL certificates
  • Build trust with your users using public status pages

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Synthetic Monitoring

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Synthetic Monitoring

Uptime & API Monitoring

Sematext Synthetics features HTTP monitors to track website and application availability from the designated checkpoints around the world.

  • Monitor from multiple locations
  • Monitor from private networks and behind firewalls
  • Track network timings across all layers (DNS, TCP, SSL & HTTP)
  • Monitor your APIs - customize request settings and validate the response content
  • Get notified on your preferred channel (email, Slack, WebHooks, etc.)

Website Performance Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring tools alert you when your website is unavailable or a transaction is slow or failing.

  • Measure page load performance
  • Track Core Web Vitals
  • Track third-party performance and SLAs
  • Diagnose web performance issues using waterfall view and analysis
  • Simulate user interactions using real Google Chrome browser
  • Benchmark your site performance against your competitors’ key pages and transactions
  • Simulate runs from desktop, mobile devices (e.g., Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy series) and tablets (e.g., iPads and Kindle Fire)
Synthetic Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring

SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificate monitoring checks the validity of your SSL/TLS certificates to ensure website reliability and accessibility.

  • Avoid website downtime due to SSL certificate issues
  • Continuously monitor your SSL certificates
  • Get alerted before certificate expiration and on any SSL certificate errors
  • Track certificate changes with a detailed change report
  • Track all the certificates in the certificate chain

End-to-End Visibility

Monitor application performance metrics, logs, site uptime, APIs, and frontend user experience. All in one place.

  • Faster time to resolution with all your monitoring data in a single place
  • Correlate infrastructure metrics, application logs, events, real-user, and synthetic performance metrics
  • Create custom dashboards to suit your website monitoring needs
  • Catch performance issues early by triggering runs as part of the CI/CD pipeline
Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring Resources

Use these resources to learn more about synthetic monitoring use-cases and best practices.

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