ZooKeeper Poll Results

We’ve collected 50 votes in our ZooKeeper Usage Poll over the last few days.  Here are the results so far: 66% of people use ZooKeeper directly Another 16% use ZooKeeper indirectly 18% do not use ZooKeeper at all This puts total ZooKeeper usage at […]

Hadoop Digest, May 2010

Big news: HBase and Avro have become Apache’s Top Level Projects (TLPs)! The initial discussion happened when our previous Hadoop Digest was published, so you can find links to the threads there. The question of whether to become a TLP […]

Hadoop Digest, March 2010

Main news first: Hadoop 0.20.2 was released! The list of changes may be found in the release notes here. Related news: Maven artifacts have been pushed to repository.apache.org. This version has entered Debian unstable repository. Cloudera officially announced CDH2 release […]