Solr Training

Sematext is known worldwide for our Solr consulting expertise and world-class Solr production support. Our 1 and 2-day Solr classes are delivered via a virtual classroom, on-site, or remotely. Instructor-led and highly hands-on, our Solr classes are chalk-full of hard-earned tips and tricks that will save you time, elevate your level of competency, and help you master Solr faster.
solr-training Each Solr class consists of several sequences of short lectures followed by interactive, hands-on exercises. Each section ends with Q&A. All training is delivered by one of our experts — engineers who have written books, spoken at conferences and have many years of experience helping enterprise, medium and small organizations alike.
Thank you for a very informative training, such a wealth of information that I truly enjoyed learning about.
Vickie Jean Charles, Sr. System Engineer – Xactly, Inc.

Upcoming Solr Classes

Date Class Location Registration
Mar 5-6 Core Solr remote Register Now  
Mar 7-8 Intermediate Solr remote Register Now  
Mar 12-13 Advanced Solr remote Register Now  
Core SolrMar 5-6RemoteRegister
Core SolrMay 21-22RemoteRegister
Core SolrSept 17-18RemoteRegister
Core SolrDec 3-4RemoteRegister
Intermediate SolrMar 7-8RemoteRegister
Intermediate SolrMay 23-24RemoteRegister
Intermediate SolrSept 19-20RemoteRegister
Intermediate SolrDec 5-6RemoteRegister
Advanced Solr Mar 12-13RemoteRegister
Advanced Solr May 28-29RemoteRegister
Advanced Solr Sept 24-25RemoteRegister
Advanced Solr Dec 10-11RemoteRegister

Core Solr

In this course, you will be able to configure and deploy Solr, run a wide range of queries including queries with facets and aggregations, and index documents with Solr…

Intermediate Solr

After taking this course you will understand the differences and use-cases for Solr and SolrCloud, create Spatial Search and Function Queries, perform Document Grouping, configure and tune Query Spellchecking and Suggesters …

Advanced Solr

In this course you will learn about query routing, results re-ranking, term vectors, schema API, custom similarity, merge policy, codecs, language identification, data import handler, advanced Solr and SolrCloud tuning and scaling, shard splitting, data migrations, handling a large number of collections, authentication, Solr and HDFS, and so on …

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