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Elasticsearch online training classes in 2018

Since we’ve been working with Elasticsearch on a daily basis for over a decade now and know so much about it, we like helping others improve their knowledge of these technologies, not only by sharing our knowledge in meetups and conferences but also through Elasticsearch training classes. Thus, we decided to periodically run the 2-day Elasticsearch online training classes in March, May, September and December 2018.

Elasticsearch online training classes for 2018

Check out the dates for all three Elasticsearch classes, from beginner to advanced level:

Upcoming Elasticsearch Classes 2018

Sept 17-18Intro to ElasticsearchVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Few Seats Remaining
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Nov 20-21Intro to ElasticsearchVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Only $720 / person before Sept 30
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Sept 19-20Elasticsearch OpsVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Few Seats Remaining
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Nov 26-27Elasticsearch OpsVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Only $720 / person before Sept 30
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Sept 24-25Logging with ElasticsearchVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Few Seats Remaining
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Nov 28-29Logging with ElasticsearchVirtual Classroom$800 / person
Only $720 / person before Sept 30
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Instructor-led and highly hands-on, our Elasticsearch classes consist of several sequences of short lectures followed by interactive, hands-on exercises. Each lecture-practicum block ends with a Q&A session. Thus, all three online training classes are very comprehensive, and chalk-full of hard-earned tips and tricks that will save you time, elevate your level of competency, and help you master Elasticsearch clusters faster.

Sematext was an ideal training partner for We had just recently adopted Elasticsearch on a new project, and they gave us two days of solid training that was tailored to our team’s needs. The material was built atop strong foundations and moved quickly into advanced areas around querying, Lucene internals, and cluster performance. It was clear that it was all informed by real-world experience operating these systems at scale.
Andrew Montalenti, CTO/Founder –

The online training classes are taught by Sematext engineer — and author of Elasticsearch in Action book — Radu Gheorghe. Each course includes over 20 chapters and lots of hands-on exercises. Be prepared to learn a lot! See the details, including training overview for each online class

Attendees come in highly motivated, making the class feel more “alive” than I expected. They constantly look for take-aways to improve their setup, from tweaking a boost to changing the sharding strategy. Their use-cases are very diverse, too, so we end up covering a lot of material. All this makes for a different class, not a lesser one compared to our live or private training classes. More challenging for me to teach, but also more exciting!
Radu Gheorghe, Sematext Elasticsearch Training Instructor

Who should attend

Developers and DevOps who want to configure, tune and manage Elasticsearch at scale.

Why attend

The virtual Elasticsearch training gives you and your team the skills needed to successfully use Elasticsearch capabilities by improving your workflow and increasing efficiency.  Further benefits:

  • a customized learning experience
  • same high-quality instruction as our public or private Elasticsearch classes
  • more affordable than public training
  • more flexible – no need to travel


$720 per person, early bird rate (check the expiration date for each class) and $800 afterward.

What’s next

Are you ready to master Elasticsearch clusters faster? Save your seat today!

Got any questions or suggestions for the course? Just drop us a line at or hit us @sematextWe hope to see you in the virtual classroom this year!

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