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Payment Logic Changes

Up until now, Sematext Cloud users had to first provide their credit card details under their account and then manually assign that credit card to each monitoring or logging App they wanted to use with a paid plan.  It turns out this is a bit of a pain when you have a lot of Apps, so we’ve done away with that.  

From now on, the payment method defined at the account level is automatically applied to all Apps with a paid plan. This simplifies management, especially in cases when users have many Apps (think about credit card expiring and having to assign a new card to each of the 57 Apps you have!).

By default, the latest credit card defined under your account will automatically be used for any future charges of Apps created under your account. If you have multiple credit cards defined and you wish want to Sematext to use a card other than the most recently added one simply mark it as “preferred”.

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