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Linux Process Monitoring for Servers and Containers

Use Sematext Cloud as a process monitoring tool to track down resource-hungry processes and solve performance issues faster

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Real-time visibility across your whole infrastructure

  • Process-level visibility across all Linux servers and Docker containers
  • Spot processes with the highest CPU or Memory usage
  • See all metrics on one screen: CPU usage, RSS memory, IO read/write bytes & IO read/write operations...
Process Monitoring

Monitor resource-hungry processes

  • Use filtering to view processes running as a particular user across your entire infrastructure
  • Group and filter by hosts, names, containers, and much more
  • See top processes on a server, container, or pod basis
Monitor resource-hungry processes

Monitor dozens of performance metrics

  • Sematext Agent detects which processes have the highest CPU, memory, and IO usage, and ships the metrics to Sematext Cloud.
  • Top processes are ordered by CPU usage or RSS memory
  • No need to ssh into machines and inspect with top

Find root causes behind server or container loads

  • Shows specific processes causing server or container loads
  • Discover processes running as root or superuser
  • Identify processes running with different parameters or as different users on different servers when they should really be identical


Numerous integrations let you collect metrics and events across your whole stack.

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