Sematext Products

Enterprise-class Software Analytics in the Cloud and On Premises

SPM - Performance Monitoring
An enterprise-class, server and application performance monitoring, alerting, and anomaly detection solution. It is available both in the Cloud (SaaS) and On Premises.
Integration with Logsene enables correlation of metrics, alerts, anomalies, and events with application and server logs.
Logsene- Log Management
A modern centralized log management and analytics solution available in the Cloud and On Premises.
It exposes syslog (rsyslog) and Elasticsearch API endpoints, consumes logs from syslog, Logstash, Flume, Fluentd, etc. It features multiple user interfaces, including Kibana and integrates with SPM to correlate logs with performance metrics, alerts, anomalies, and events.
SSA Site Search Analytics
A Cloud-based, search vendor-neutral Site Search Analytics SaaS you can start using within minutes without having to develop, set up, manage, or scale your own query log analysis tools and infrastructure.
View up-to-the-minute Search Analytics graphs, charts, and tabular data, spot trends, cut, and slice data by time, by query origin or type, and other dimensions.