Case Studies

CoEnterprise Case Study


Integration and analytics solutions and services
BlockGen (Stratumsphere) Case Study

BlockGen (Stratumsphere)

Monitoring that scales alongside BlockGen's dynamic containerized environment
iQmedia Case Study


Leverage a hosted platform that captured, stored, and provided search capabilities...
Pygmalios Case Study


Monitoring and logging solution for a containerized environment
UALA Case Study


Docker monitoring and logs with lightweight agents
Soundrop Case Study


Distribution and licensing for cover songs and video game music on the world's top platforms Case Study

Managed platform for developing solutions based on Event Sourcing & CQRS
ATLIST Case Study


Web platform which helps independent properties enhance the guest experience and maximize profit.
Benchprep Case Study


Benchprep is a pioneer in the modern learning space, digitally transforming professional learning.
Dawn Patrol Case Study

Dawn Patrol

The App that makes your Apple Watch a Surf Watch. Track your waves, Relive your surf and Share your session

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