SSA ­ Site Search Analytics

Search drives a ton of your business. Why not optimize it?


  • Awareness of overall user search experience as key indicator of future sales
  • Awareness of search results quality
  • Awareness of zero-hit queries
  • Awareness of click-through trends
  • Awareness of search results quality through click stats reports
  • No need to develop, set up, manage or scale your own search and click analytics


  • Works with any search engine - Solr, Elasticsearch, Attivio, AWS CloudSearch, etc.
  • Real­time insights via graphs and charts about user search experience: CTRs, 0­ hit queries, top queries, query trends, etc.
  • Powerful data filtering and segmentation
  • Custom dashboards, graph sharing and embedding
  • Multi­user support with different user roles
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    • Multi-user support with different user roles
    • Easily switch between multiple systems
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  • Simple JavaScript beacon embedded in Search Results pages
  • Search technology agnostic ­­- works with all search backends

We offer SSA On Premises if you’d rather run SSA on your own servers or your own Cloud instances. Contact us if you are interested in the On Premises version.

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