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MongoDB Monitoring Integration


Sematext MongoDB monitoring agent is an open-source mongodb monitoring agent. It continuously collects MongoDB metrics and sends them to Sematext. It is available as an NPM package (see Installation & Configuration section below).

Installation and Configuration

  1. Create a Monitoring App of type "MongoDB" in Sematext
  2. Click the "Install Monitor" button and follow the customized instructions for the created Monitoring App (basically how to install the NPM package and configure the App Token)

Troubleshooting and How-to

Generate diagnostics file for Sematext Support

If you are not seeing some or any MongoDB metrics, you can create a "diagnostics dump" and contact us via live chat or email. To create the diagnostics dump just run the following:

sudo spm-mongodb-diagnostics

This will create a ZIP file and show the Sematext Support email address to which the ZIP file should be sent.

Using Sematext for monitoring MongoDB behind Firewalls / Proxy servers

By default data is transmitted to Sematext via HTTPS. If no direct connection is possible, a proxy server can be used by setting the environment variable HTTPS_PROXY=https://your-proxy.

Installation of native modules on Windows

The native modules are automatically compiled during "npm install" (using node-gyp). On Windows the required build tools like python or C++ compilers are typically not installed by default. In this case please check for details about the required compiler and build tools.

Upgrading to a new Node.js version

If you switch the Node.js version (e.g. from 9.x to 10.x), the spm-agent-mongodb package will need to be installed again (due to the fact that included native modules may change from version to version). After the version change please run a fresh installation "npm i spm-agent-mongodb -g".

Upgrading to the latest version of spm-agent-mongodb

To use the latest version of spm-agent-mongodb we recommend you install/upgrade using:

npm i spm-agent-mongodb@latest -g

Github Repository

The latest version and related information is available in the Github repository sematext/spm-agent-mongodb



Metric Name Key Agg Type Description
flushes time mongo.flushes.time Sum Long Time spend in flushes during the collection interval
flushes count mongo.flushes Sum Long Flushes in collection interval
created Sum Long Created provides a count of all incoming connections created to the server. This number includes connections that have since closed.
current Avg Double The value of current corresponds to the number of connections to the database server from clients.
num requests Sum Long Number of network requests
received Sum Long The value of 'received' reflects the amount of network traffic, in bytes, received by this database.
transmitted Sum Long The value of 'transmitted' reflects the amount of network traffic, in bytes, sent by this database.
acquire count mongo.locks Sum Long Lock count
acquire count waits mongo.locks.wait Sum Long Number of times the acquireCount lock acquisitions encountered waits because the locks were held in a conflicting mode.
wait time mongo.locks.acquiring.time.microsec Sum Long Cumulative wait time for the lock acquisitions.
deadlock count mongo.locks.deadlock Sum Long Number of times the lock acquisitions encountered deadlocks.
early commits mongo.journal.commits.early Sum Long Number of times MongoDB requested a commit before the scheduled journal group commit interval. Use this value to ensure that your journal group commit intervalis not too long for your deployment.
commits write-lock time mongo.journal.commits.locked.time Sum Long Amount of time spent for commits that occurred while a write lock was held. Commits in a write lock indicate a MongoDB node under a heavy write load and call for further diagnosis.
written files data Sum Long Amount of data written from journal to the data files during the last journal group commit interval.
written journal data Sum Long Amount of data written to journal during the last journal group commit interval.
commits time mongo.journal.commits.time Sum Long Amount of time spent for commits.
commits mongo.journal.commits Sum Long Number of transactions written to the journal during the last journal group commit interval.
collections count mongo.database.collections Avg Long Count of collections/tables
data size Avg Long The total size in bytes of the data held in this database including the padding factor.
index size mongo.database.index.size Avg Long The total size in bytes of all indexes created on this database.
namespace size mongo.database.namespace.size Avg Long The total size of the namespace files (i.e. that end with .ns) for this database.
storage size Avg Long The total amount of space in bytes allocated to collections in this database for document storage.
objects count mongo.database.objects Avg Long Count of objects in db
file size mongo.database.file.size Avg Long The total size in bytes of the data files that hold the database. This value includes preallocated space and the padding factor.
mapped mem mongo.memory.mapped Avg Long The value of mapped provides the amount of mapped memory, in megabytes (MB), by the database. Because MongoDB uses memory-mapped files, this value is likely to be to be roughly equivalent to the total size of your database or databases.
resident mem mongo.memory.resident Avg Long The value of resident is roughly equivalent to the amount of RAM, in megabytes (MB), currently used by the database process. In normal use this value tends to grow.
virtual mem mongo.memory.virtual Avg Long Virtual displays the quantity, in megabytes (MB), of virtual memory used by the mongod process. With journaling enabled, the value of virtual is at least twice the value of mapped. If virtual value is significantly larger than mapped (e.g. 3 or more times), this may indicate a memory leak.
mapped mem with journal mongo.memory.mapped.withjournal Avg Long mappedWithJournal provides the amount of mapped memory, in megabytes (MB), including the memory used for journaling. This value will always be twice the value of mapped. This field is only included if journaling is enabled.
inserted mongo.documents.inserted Sum Long Number of inserted documents.
returned mongo.documents.returned Sum Long Total number of documents returned by queries.
updated mongo.documents.updated Sum Long Number of updated documents.
deleted mongo.documents.deleted Sum Long Number of deleted documents.
query mongo.ops.query Sum Long Query operations
commands mongo.ops.command Sum Long Commands
query mongo.replica.ops.query Sum Long Query operations
insert mongo.ops.insert Sum Long Insert operations
insert mongo.replica.ops.insert Sum Long Insert operations
update mongo.replica.ops.update Sum Long Update operations
failed mongo.commands.failed Sum Long Failed commands / operations (all DB commands/functions)
delete mongo.replica.ops.delete Sum Long Delete operations
commands mongo.replica.ops.command Sum Long Commands
update mongo.ops.update Sum Long Update operations
delete mongo.ops.delete Sum Long Delete operations
getmore mongo.ops.getmore Sum Long Getmore operations
getmore mongo.replica.ops.getmore Sum Long Getmore operations