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Solution Bundling

Tell us more about what solutions you'd like to bundle and we will get in touch with you shortly


What is the solution bundle discount?

Sematext Cloud offers four solutions - Sematext Monitoring,  Sematext Logs, Sematext Experience, and Sematext Synthetics.  They can be used independently, à la carte, but can also be used together.  As a matter of fact, using them together gives you more power.  When you use three or more Sematext solutions or you bundle Sematext Synthetics and Sematext Experience you are eligible for a bundle discount.  Let us know what solutions you are using or would like to use.

Are there any other conditions to benefit from the discount?

Currently, we offer the solution bundling to anyone who:

  • Would like to bundle 3 solutions or more.
  • Would like to bundle Sematext Experience, our real-user monitoring solution, and Sematext Synthetics, our synthetic monitoring solution.

What solutions do you currently offer under the solution bundling option?

If I'm already a customer of Sematext can I request the product bundle discount?

Yes, we ask that you fill out the form on your right-hand side and let us know which solutions you would like to bundle.