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Sematext Tracing

Work smarter, not harder

Sematext Tracing provides end to end visibility into your distributed applications so you can find bottlenecks quickly, resolve production issues faster and with less effort.

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  • End to end visibility from backend entry-point down to storage, and back up
  • Support for fully distributed applications and distributed transaction tracing
  • Bytecode instrumentation-based tracing for Java applications, including asynchronous calls to services
  • Spot performance bottlenecks, identify hotspots, find root cause of latency problems
  • Support for OpenTracing API
  • Integrated with Log Management, Infrastructure and Real User Monitoring. Fewer siloed tools means:
    • Faster troubleshooting, shorter downtimes, faster MTTR
    • Lower license, implementation, and integration costs
  • Real-time service maps show the true application architecture
  • Detect anomalies and receive alerts for latencies, error rates, or throughput

Get answers to questions like...

  • What services did a request pass through?
  • Where are the bottlenecks? How long did each hop take?
  • How much time is lost due to network lag during communication between services (as opposed to in-service work)?
  • What occurred in each service for a given request?
  • What are the dependencies between various services?
  • What is my application architecture actually like (because your recent architecture diagram is already out of date, most likely)?